Monday, September 10, 2007

The front yard fluers

The garden grows well as summer is evidently still with us despite the shorter days and occasional cool blustery and foggy day. We are enjoying the recent heat and sun again and it appears that more of the many tomatoes will ripen on the vine before they fill our sills to redden. Not many apples this year but the root veg and greens produced a bountiful harvest and continue to find their way into many meals. Jonah is well and so is Laish. I expect the yard's hibernation to be more pronounced this year and our attention to be soon turned towards the inside and do-it-yourself home improvement projects that we're both looking forward to completing. Hope the season finds you well and with your own harvests to enjoy!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

six weeks of wonder

well the days are full and quick and sleep is fast it seems since not long ago a full night's was taken for granted, now taken for normal, which keeps on changing. i can get into this i was thinking and now i am and although all could not have been anticipated life is sweet and full of wonder...

today marks the end of 6th week of lil jones' being here with us, the end of an era kinda ? well, maybe not really since what i read and know about these things, which isn't all that much, is that change is perpetual, sometimes gradual and unexpected or fast and anticipated but as in any great event the challenges are forthcoming and generally fruitful so, i wonder away and look forward to the day that i will kick the ball, walk the links or simply enjoy a big juicy ok peach together. speaking of frooits, several of my time-rendering projects around the yard now have lots to show for it...

the clothes line is up like a charm for all the "fuzzi bunz" were plowing through these days thank you Anastasia for sending us so many as we've needed...

one afternoon while working on the playhouse patio with Lorne these things appeared on the side of the deck, at first i was quite startled then tickled to have had them here to see, i think they are long-lost cousins of this one that showed up at Klay's one day. i guess they are Saturniid moths of the silky moth family not as fuzzy and the fuzzer above though - ooh! who's that? fuzzy cuteness.

so jonah has had, i believe, 6 great weeks of life thus far. he's had 3 of his 4 grandparents here to visit and love him up; Lorne and Lorna just days after his birth and Jessie more recently also spent a week with us. He's had of course many "firsts", which now litter the calendar Tara made for us and soon he'll meet many more of you as we decend first on Edmonton for Laisha's family affair next weekend then the Seymour clan's gathering in Clearwater the week after, looking forward to seeing you all...

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The greatest gift

Today was both Mom and babe's birthday! Laisha and our son, Jonah Alexander Rosnau Deans are well after a successful home birth at 04:02 this morning! Jonah weighed in at 8lbs. 7.3oz. and a longish ~54cm (21 1/4").

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Anticipated arrivals

Often Saturday mornings are reserved for sleeping in long, hard, and deep, usually until Laisha returns from pilates but on this particular day wakefulnes came early with the birds, lawn mower, rake, and when it seemed more appropriate to do so construction. I was able to get the majority of boards cut before washing the car and heading for the field and the season "ice breaker"

Earlier this week Laisha reminded me that a small human is arriving soon and the deck needed to be finished for safety. Well, as fate would have it turns out that I had already given it some thought. Perhaps all I needed was the kind encouragement and incentive that I was looking for. So, after some shop-night discussions with the guys on Wednesday and a late-night-site visit, I had a plan. Or, well at least I had solid idea and so I went to hd and cleared out their stock of coastal wrc. First, I skimmed the cream off the 6' pile then picked through the 4's to make up the difference of board feet that I knew I needed. Although we still have not sold the truck, I decided to take the Volvo anyways, with its roof rack to carry and tie-down straps ready.

It was great to have had Travis assist as much with his chop saw and extra drill to see it to the finish line so quickly... now that the deck is done, I been thinking a whole lot more about cedar and the raised beds that I am going to make so as to have somewhere to put all these little things. Here is the cherry tomatoe congregation in the nursery late last month, I think one of them seedlings knew something about the light that the others were intent on finding out as well... or, maybe they were speculating on the bassinet behind. In any event, these little ones have all gone greener with brighter lights, pot ups and lavender understories.

see you again back here soonish.