Sunday, September 11, 2005

Remember what it all came down to?

The illusion of being superior engenders the need to prove it; and so oppression is born

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Juice for Life

ah...the juice, not just another great restaurant in Toronto's Annex, no, it's much's life's sweet nectar. As I drink it, there simply is nothing quite like having enough to fill the tank...

It's not rocket science, Einstein...enough of any substance of quality that imparts identity and vitality is one's own hidden ingredient; it is, in essence, only natural and contained inside the otherwise solid, human animal or plant, therefore extraction needs to happen to utilize it and fill one's own true core with goodness.

Cheers to enough!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

FEAR blah!

do you have enough of your own damn blah?!

Does it move you? or, prevent you from living something greater, or worse?
Take stock! It could be a good.

Do you...

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


What moves us is what men call ideals; our actions is what men call fighting for a principle

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Kindle this

how easy it is at times to be careless with what we say or do...funny that we can spent as long sometimes confabulating (need vs. want vs. wish) as forgetting our tendency to appreciate the essence of healthy relations, although it would appear there are definable fundamental ingredients to our own growth through time.

All this one needs first is the challenge and circumstance to see things a little differently; its been said one thing that's a "for sure" is change afterall; evolution is not, but that too could be encountered once chance, and change, including the fraughtful, is an acceptable part of one's own perspective it through one's own experience which inspires an interest, one's own meaning of "be the ball" becomes us and we are most effective to kindle and nuture the kind of support we ourselves and each other need, want and wish for...

Saturday, August 13, 2005

It feels like you know me. Perhaps like seeing the sun rise again, its among my greatest desires. To know another well with as much gratitude...

Though challenges may be unceasing, along side another with complementary trajectories, full of hope, and will and the fortitude to know a collective capacity differently, maybe we'll remember the way back to belief and succeed again and again...

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Not just spinning our wheels...

To you who slows down long enough to remember dreams yet fulfilled, what is more important, and the ways to initiate new pursuits, I wish you Happy Birthday!

May you continue to release your inhibitions, and realize its within reach to enjoy the spin and potential held within each and every full revolution. I love you.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Think about it

You’re one of the lucky one’s if when not given the choice anyway you adapt to whatever just happened to create that which just changed – it’s hard enough sometimes getting used to being forced to see things differently, let alone getting used to 'the difference' itself...without questioning how long any change lasts, or defining the cost with regards to our mind's eye for better or for worse... so many ‘eyes' view’ still not yet familiar to us, we choose to see it how we do,

or if when we accept the sensation as it is told on the tube or on the page (like this bolg hist) the mind sleeps without a true intent to explore one's own imagination - if we do not choose then we begin to imagine less until something is lost or worse

...and yet only when we see through situations ourselves completely, do the real-life human fictional qualities become clear enough to straighten one's own new mind's eye - benefits all-right-round, even the gentleman considering his lesser fortune from the sidewalk watching reflections of life passing him by benefits...

Wouldn't you like to know it!!!

Friday, August 05, 2005

Enjoyable evenings

Enjoyable evenings

We went out for dinner to celebrate, raised glasses, laughed until our bellies were sore with it. She insisted we would want to. Told us that she had a new job and she was doing everything now peice by peice.

I look forward to our next enjoyable evening together.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Nights wondering

There are nights in the forest of words when I panic, every step into thicker darkness, the only way out to write myself into a clearing, which is silence.
Nights in the forest of words when I'm afraid we won't hear each other over clattering branches, over both our voices calling.

In winter, in the hour when the sun runs liquid then freezes, caught in the mantilla of empty trees; when my heart listens through the cold stethoscope of fear, your voice in my head reminds me what the light teaches.

Slowly you translate fear into love, the way the moon's blood is the sea. - Anne Michaels

To deal with change

Evidently, we all have to deal with change in our lives. Sometimes we choose - other times we're not so lucky. We assess, learn, focus, adjust, re-assess, re-focus and move slowly forward at times - these times of renewal, contemplation, rumination, are very significant processes. It is during this time which we determine our direction, the trajectory for our next best growth potential and picture the surroundings in which we see ourselves. It is said that pleasure is found in the journey to distant places. are you here? where is the enjoyment? Apparently, misery is always there, never requiring pursuit. As the imagination is employed the journey begins anew. To manifest reality is to strive towards ones goals. However the goal-oreinted world attempts distraction from one's goals, when we choose to do less with our time, such distractions take the sideline. So as I dare to imagine a different world, I persecute myself to blindness while I assess and re-direct my focus on what is most important as well as accessible. The place in that world I perceive I am requires more will, determination, compassion, zeal, and progress then ever I've perceived before, and I have to believe, I am ready...

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Listening to the wind

Do you ever listen to the wind? Does it ever appear to know just which way to go? Of course, it couldn't really "know", it just is flowing; going in the direction that we perceived it is. Truth is, we see it moving, tracing, displacing forcefully at times like it was really sure, its direction held clearly like a commitment was made. Yet it does not decide, it just is.

Perhaps it is for this quality that I enjoy listening to the wind.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Systematic notions

Of disclosure.

If so, laugh then go...Wake up and unfold

the Potential,

Your inventions

Don't chastise
Your success - Just be your Best

Thursday, July 21, 2005

I wish I was the moon

Tonight as it is as big as it gets with a steady beam outcasting shadows in the night, it glows bright. Sunshine from the other side nightly reflected, tonight the moon appears super sized through refracted hot summer air on the horizon. The sky and thoughts and words some how all seem clearer...

is it my new location? is it the start of what lies ahead? is it that I already long for you? or is it simply the meditation of sky alone with the silence and all this great light?

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Are you die hard?

Among those who carry old habits that seem to take never along for a change – this is a story Dave shared with me during one of our first and last visits together. He said, "One well intentioned volunteer, after a full day of collecting garbage and a great wrap-up bush party barbeque", while on their way back to town, "tossed the expired cokepop can (he had just polished off), out the window of his truck!" Well, for Dave, everything just then came abruptly to a full-stop.

You could see it in his eyes.

Staring back at him from across the cab was the perplexed 57 year old man who, obviously oblivious to what just happened, wondered, had Dave forgot something back there?...

In disbelief, and short of breath, Dave tried hard to forget what he just had to bear witness, as he slowly began to drive again, he was silent, and tired

and looking forward to being home after a full day of dealing with other person’s dispositions. Tomorrow was a new today afterall and you never know? Things Could Change.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Things are looking Up

About one of the greatest things life in a northern town offers you is like tonight when on a clear night you’re outside and the air is fresh and your awareness moves past the chirping of crickets and the neck moves around and the head tilts back and up above you is a dark sky filled with more stars then you ever thought you saw before and as the lights flare you think could it be like this always…

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Stretch it wood yah!

Want to stretch your body a minute through a little fuller range of motion? about your mind ? for a moment... go ahead stretch it - Think about the ways that you move through your day and define the muscle tissues that's yours to use (e.g., your brain). Now, slowly move beyond your last greatest extention... did you know that something significant can happen just then when your reaction changes. Beyond the range you choose you see things a little differently.

Is it, do you think, possible to think things through a fuller breadth of perspective with the mind already set?

Perhaps it is only when the benefits of the more opened mind are experienced that we choose to move through to change what we can with our own new found grace and confidence ?

I practice moving through the day with a little greater awareness of my intent, especially when my actions support the mind that strives to learn to see the world through a little wider lense - Evidently, it is said, our synaptic reflex does move us through a little greater range of motion each and every time we stretch it...

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Renewing the soul of happiness

For all the peace and kindness one could ever hope for, all the understanding and love a child could ever need, and all the consideration I’ve come to know through you, thank-you for all that you've given to me. Was great to share some life with you in another northern town.

Avian Highlights: Belted Kingfishers @ West Lake (3; 1 juvenile) ; Western Tanager @ Gladstone Park (1 breeding male); Osprey @ Dahl Lake Provincial; Cedar Waxwings (flock 20+) @ Bear Meadows